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1. How long does the process take? When will I receive my order?

The time for processing varies by state and depends on the current number of applications being processed. You can find your state’s approximate processing times here: Processing Times

You may request up to 5 copies of a vital record per order through this website. Additional fees will apply.

2. What is legal name or maiden name change?

Your maiden name is the name you were given at birth.

If your legal name has been changed, your original vital records were likely permanently changed by you or the courts. In this case, you new legal name would then be your maiden name.

Getting married and taking your spouses’ last name does not count as a legal name change. Therefore, your birth record would not have been changed.

3. What if I was adopted? What name do I use?

You will use your Adoptive Parent’s names.

4. Is the vital record I receive an official document?

Yes. All certificates ordered are official copies of the original vital record and come directly to you from the issuing state agency.

Certified copies of birth certificates are accepted by all state and federal agencies and satisfy legal proof of birth. The Certified copies can be used for for travel, passport, proof of citizenship, social security, driver’s license, school registration, personal identification and many other legal purposes.

Certified copies of marriage certificates can be used as proof of marriage. However, this is not a copy of the marriage license. The same applies for divorce certificates; this is not a copy of the divorce decree.

Certified copies of death certificates can also be used in the obtainment of death benefits, insurance claims, social security and many other legal purposes.

5. How do I cancel an order or change information I submitted?

If you submitted incorrect information, simply email [email protected] Include your order number in the subject line, along with the phrase “correction”

You can cancel your order at any time, as long as services have not already been rendered.

6. What is the cost to order a vital record?

Pricing depends on your state and how fast you need your order. You can view your state fees here: State Fees. Express delivery in some states is available for an additional charge. State fees are in addition to service fees for using this website, which start at $49.

7. How do I check the status of my order?

You can email us anytime with your order number at [email protected], or you can track the status of your order here: Order Tracking